Quick circulation of public moving image

Station Video: Moving image at the best public touchpoint for high advertising reach

Station Video makes it possible for you to reach the young, mobile target group, which responds particularly strongly to moving images, with full HD spots in commanding upright format. Your ad can be booked flexibly according to time slots and updated at short notice.

Due to the high frequency rates at German main train stations, the crossroads of public life right in the heart of the city, advertising customers can very quickly achieve high reach. Booking several weeks at a time quickly increases reach due to the great number of people who only occasionally take the train.

Full-HD spots
right in the heart of the city

Right in the heart of both large and small cities at the most important crossroads – train stations – with Station Video Full-HD video spots you achieve high nationwide reach within the advertising-relevant target group with high purchasing power. Information can be spread quickly and to great effect by these premium advertising devices that dominate the space around them.

Booking & Flexibility

There are a lot of ways of booking advertising as part of the Station Video program. Placement is by networks oriented to the individual German states. Everything from regional to national campaigns with high advertising impact is possible.


Program transmission time daily from 6:00 AM to midnight

Flexible booking from one hour

Booking according to placement networks (German states)

Ad length 10-30 seconds


Digital booking makes updates possible at any time

Prices calculated according to contacts of the booked time slot

Special target group appeal thanks to regional approach

Portion of editorial content: at least 30%