Media Research – Mall Video

We conduct regular market research studies on our media jointly with Enigma GfK. Here's an overview of the study design and the results on Mall Video.

Methodology and results

All data refers to the planned expansion when completed.

You'll find detailed contact numbers based on the current number of screens at calculation tool.

Methodology in brief

Parent populationSpeakers of German 14 years of age and over
a) Representative population study3500 telephone interviews over seven weekdays. The sample of the population study was selected on the basis of the "ADM sampling system for telephone surveys"
b) Personal on-site interviews420 interviews at four malls of different categories. Systematic distribution over the day between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM on six days of the week (Mo-Sa).
Survey periodMay 2013
Institute conducting surveyENIGMA GfK

The results of the face-to-face survey were projected onto the total population. The contact numbers are based on contacts with the advertising devices actually remembered.

Mall Video performance data

Advertising device reach per week in % (E 14+)8,8 %
Advertising medium reach per week in % (E 14+)7,4 %
Advertising medium contacts per week (E 14+)19,3 Mio.
Advertising medium GRP per week (E 14+)27,4
CPM for nationwide German placement6,37 €
CPM per marketing network10,06 €

Particularly easy-to-reach groups of people

Mall Video is especially good at reaching ages 14 to 29, people going to and from work and school.


Stand: March 2015