Mall Video locations

You'll find our advertising devices at the touchpoints in Germany with the highest frequency. Use the interactive map to see an overview of the Mall Video locations in the table.

You'll find all advertising devices at a glance atPlanning & Calculating.

Medium Net City Location Screens Location Map Picture
Total (page):
Mall VideoWest 1AachenAquis Plaza 32Location map
Mall VideoSouth 2AugsburgCity-Galerie 12Location mapPicture
Mall VideoWest 1Werre-Park 8Location map
Mall VideoEast 1BautzenKornmarkt-Center 8Location map
Mall VideoSouth 2BayreuthRotmain-Center 19Location mapPicture
Mall VideoEast 2BerlinAllee-Center 17Location mapPicture
Mall VideoEast 2BerlinEastgate 28Location mapPicture
Mall VideoEast 2BerlinGesundbrunnen-Center 22Location mapPicture
Mall VideoEast 2BerlinLinden-Center 28Location mapPicture
Mall VideoEast 2BerlinRing-Center Berlin I 19Location mapPicture
Mall VideoEast 2BerlinRing-Center Berlin II 6Location map
Mall VideoEast 2BerlinHallen Am Borsigturm 28Location mapPicture
Mall VideoEast 2BerlinGropius Passagen 32Location mapPicture
Mall VideoEast 2BerlinNeukölln Arcaden 22Location mapPicture
Mall VideoEast 2BerlinSchönhauser Allee Arcaden 20Location mapPicture
Mall VideoEast 2BerlinWilmersdorfer Arcaden 28Location mapPicture
Mall VideoEast 2BerlinMall of Berlin LP02 17Location map
Mall VideoEast 2BerlinMall of Berlin LP12 30Location map
Mall VideoEast 2BerlinForum Steglitz 14Location map
Mall VideoEast 2BerlinAllende Center 10Location map
Mall VideoEast 2BerlinSchloss-Straßen-Center 21Location map
Mall VideoWest 1BielefeldLOOM 58Location map
Mall VideoWest 2BingenCity Center 6Location map
Mall VideoWest 1BochumCitypoint 7Location mapPicture
Mall VideoWest 1BochumDrehscheibe 6Location mapPicture
Mall VideoWest 1BochumRuhr Park 10Location map
Mall VideoNorth 2BraunschweigSchloss-Arkaden 32Location mapPicture
Mall VideoNorth 2BremenRoland-Center 8Location map
Mall VideoNorth 2BremenWaterfront 12Location map
Mall VideoEast 1ChemnitzSachsen-Allee 16Location map
Mall VideoMiddleDarmstadtLuisen-Center 17Location mapPicture
Mall VideoEast 1DessauRathaus-Center 24Location map
Mall VideoWest 1DortmundThier-Galerie 40Location mapPicture
Mall VideoEast 1DresdenAltmarkt-Galerie 52Location mapPicture
Mall VideoNorth 2DuderstadtFeilenfabrik 6Location map
Mall VideoWest 1DüsseldorfKö-Galerie 10Location mapPicture
Mall VideoWest 1DüsseldorfBilk Arcaden 30Location map
Mall VideoWest 1DüsseldorfAirport Mall 45Location map
Mall VideoWest 1EssenLimbecker Platz 58Location mapPicture
Mall VideoWest 1EssenAllee-Center Essen-Altenessen 9Location map
Mall VideoMiddleFrankfurtSkyline Plaza 44Location mapPicture
Mall VideoMiddleFrankfurtHessen-Center 28Location map
Mall VideoMiddleFrankfurtMy Zeil 23Location map
Mall VideoEast 1GeraArcaden 22Location map
Mall VideoEast 1HalleHallescher Einkaufspark HEP 23Location map
Mall VideoNorth 1HamburgAlstertal-Einkaufszentrum 62Location mapPicture
Mall VideoNorth 1HamburgBillstedt-Center 22Location mapPicture
Mall VideoNorth 1HamburgElbe-Einkaufszentrum 22Location mapPicture
Mall VideoNorth 1HamburgHamburger Meile 54Location mapPicture
Mall VideoNorth 1HamburgPhoenix-Center 27Location mapPicture
Mall VideoNorth 1HamburgLuna Center 18Location map
Mall VideoNorth 1HamburgBorn Center 13Location map
Mall VideoNorth 1HamburgMundsburg-Center 12Location map
Mall VideoNorth 1HamburgRathauspassagen 1Location map
Mall VideoNorth 2HamelnStadt-Galerie 16Location map
Mall VideoWest 1HammAllee-Center 16Location mapPicture
Mall VideoNorth 2HanoverErnst-August-Galerie 46Location mapPicture
Mall VideoSouth 1HeidelbergDarmstädter Hof Centrum 4Location map
Mall VideoSouth 1HeilbronnStadt-Galerie 16Location map
Mall VideoEast 1HoyerswerdaLausitz-Center 8Location map
Mall VideoWest 2KaiserslauternK in Lautern 19Location mapPicture
Mall VideoMiddleKasselCity-Point 8Location mapPicture
Mall VideoMiddleKasseldez-Einkaufszentrum 20Location map
Mall VideoSouth 2KemptenForum Allgäu 28Location mapPicture
Mall VideoNorth 1KielSophienhof Kiel 12Location mapPicture
Mall VideoWest 2KoblenzForum-Mittelrhein 18Location map
Mall VideoWest 2KoblenzLöhr-Center 23Location map
Mall VideoWest 1CologneCity-Center Köln-Chorweiler 20Location mapPicture
Mall VideoWest 1CologneRhein-Center 49Location mapPicture
Mall VideoNorth 2LaatzenLeine-Center Laatzen 12Location map
Mall VideoEast 1LeipzigPromenaden Hauptbahnhof 34Location map
Mall VideoEast 1LeipzigAllee-Center 28Location mapPicture
Mall VideoEast 1LeipzigNova Eventis 20Location map
Mall VideoEast 1LeipzigHöfe am Brühl 47Location map
Mall VideoEast 1LeipzigPaunsdorf Center 40Location map
Mall VideoSouth 1LeonbergLeo-Center 23Location map
Mall VideoWest 1LeverkusenRathaus-Galerie 34Location mapPicture
Mall VideoSouth 1LudwigsburgMarstall Center 13Location map
Mall VideoWest 2LudwigshafenRhein-Galerie 32Location mapPicture
Mall VideoWest 1LüdenscheidStern-Center 24Location map
Mall VideoEast 1MagdeburgAllee Center 18Location map
Mall VideoSouth 2MünchenOlympia-Einkaufszentrum 20Location mapPicture
Mall VideoSouth 2MünchenPEP Einkaufs-Center 32Location mapPicture
Mall VideoSouth 2MünchenPasing Arcaden 36Location mapPicture
Mall VideoSouth 2MünchenStachus Passagen 24Location map
Mall VideoWest 1MönchengladbachMinto 16Location map
Mall VideoMiddleNeu-IsenburgIsenburg Zentrum 16Location map
Mall VideoEast 1NeubrandenburgMarktplatz-Center 7Location mapPicture
Mall VideoNorth 1NeumünsterHolsten Galerie 14Location mapPicture
Mall VideoWest 2NeunkirchenSaarpark-Center 26Location map
Mall VideoWest 1NeussRheinpark-Center Neuss 19Location map
Mall VideoNorth 1NorderstedtHerold-Center 22Location mapPicture
Mall VideoSouth 2NurembergFranken-Center 30Location mapPicture
Mall VideoWest 1OberhausenCentrO 36Location mapPicture
Mall VideoNorth 2OldenburgSchlosshöfe 26Location mapPicture
Mall VideoNorth 2PapenburgDeverpark Papenburg 7Location map
Mall VideoSouth 2PassauStadt Galerie 16Location mapPicture
Mall VideoEast 1PlauenStadt-Galerie 14Location map
Mall VideoEast 2Stern-Center 20Location map
Mall VideoWest 1RecklinghausenPalais Vest 32Location map
Mall VideoSouth 2RegensburgArcaden 14Location mapPicture
Mall VideoWest 1RemscheidAllee-Center 19Location mapPicture
Mall VideoWest 2SaarbrückenEuropa-Galerie 28Location map
Mall VideoEast 2SchwedtOder-Center 12Location mapPicture
Mall VideoSouth 2SchweinfurtStadt-Galerie 28Location mapPicture
Mall VideoWest 1SiegenCity-Galerie 20Location mapPicture
Mall VideoSouth 1StuttgartKönigsbau Passagen 12Location mapPicture
Mall VideoSouth 1StuttgartMilaneo 36Location map
Mall VideoEast 2WildauA10 Triangel Center 24Location map
Mall VideoNorth 2WolfsburgCity-Galerie 24Location mapPicture
Mall VideoWest 1WuppertalCity-Arkaden 26Location mapPicture
Mall VideoEast 1ZwickauZwickau Arcaden 22Location map