Production für DUS Ad Walk

Infoscreen uses Windows systems. When supplying files from other operating systems, please always clearly identify the file format (PSD, AVI, MOV, JPG and so on).

As some video codecs are not available cross-platform or hardware-independent, video files must be supplied without a codec (uncompressed).

Key specifications

Advertising deviceDUS Ad Walk (airport, individual screens)DUS Ad Walk (airport, entire area of 5 individual screens)
Design optionssimultaneous displaycoordinated display
Resolution1080 × 1920 pixels5400 × 1920 pixels
Aspect ratio9:165 × 9:16
Ad length30 seconds30 seconds

One DUS Ad Walk consists of 5 upright TFT screens (individual screens).


Download the technical specifications for DUS Ad Walk (PDF):


Maximilian Kraus

Head of Media Creation DUS Ad Walk

+49 89. 414177 - 168 maximilian.kraus(at)


Yoram Bannert

Creative Account and Operations Management (national campaigns)

+49 89. 414177 - 165 yoram.bannert(at)


Christoph Flaucher

Creative Account and Operations Management (regional campaigns)

+49 89. 414177 - 247 christoph.flaucher(at)


Presentation forms: simultaneous and coordinated display

Delivery options

When you supply us with a ready-to-go spot, ...

... you only have to pay technical costs.

Production costsData acceptance per design € 300,–
For all formatsColor space sRGB
Video formatAVI or MOV, 25 fps, uncompressed, no audio track
Still imageJPG, BMP

Please make sure that …

  • spots are created in exactly the same resolution as the advertising device booked
  • die ad lengths correspond exactly (same number of frames) to the time booked
  • the content is acceptable and in accordance with regulations on the protection of minors
  • that one video file is required per screen. A DUS Ad Walk ad is thus always made up of 5 video files that have to begin and end simultaneously.

You don't have a spot that's ready to go?

We'll be happy to produce it for you!

If you already have a static layout available for showing on DUS Ad Walk, we'll be happy to help you turn it into an animated spot.

Please note these technical requirements of the source files.

Adobe Photoshop file

  • color space sRGB
  • put elements to be animated on their own layers
  • assign unambiguous names to the layers
  • do not create any masks on layer folders
  • create Photoshop file with the exact pixel dimensions of the advertising device booked
  • if necessary include a storyboard and instructions for the design (when there are several motifs)

Complete production

We create or adapt your layout and animate your spot. To do this we can use just about any material you supply. 

Graphical elementspixel-based: PSD, JPG, BMP, TIF, PDF, PNG or similar (also applies to still image)
vector-based: EPS, AI (type converted to path)
Video materialcolor space sRGB, frame rate 25 fps (HD)
uncompressed: AVI or MOV
compressed: MPEG-4 (h.264), at least 35 Mbit/s (Blu-ray quality)

 We do not accept PowerPoint, InDesign or Flash files.

Production costs

Data acceptance per design€ 300,–
Hour creation, animation€ 150,–

Delivery deadline

10 business days before placement start via ftp (access data on request)